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Viewing Images
Image thumbnails are displayed in the body of the page with their system image reference displayed below each image, if items are in the current Lightbox they will also have a symbol displayed
Selecting Images
Items within a page of displayed images can be selected by clicking on them, holding down the Shift key will select a sequential group of images, holding down the Ctrl key allows the selection / deselection of individual images within a group
Select All
The 'Select All' button within the page header can be used to select ALL the images displayed on the page
With Selected...
The 'With Selected...' drop down allows various actions to be perfomed with the selected images:
View Caption
View a larger version of the image(s) along with the Caption & Keywords
Add to Lightbox
Add the selected image(s) to the Lightbox
Remove from Lightbox
Remove the selected image(s) from the Lightbox